Penile prosthesis surgery can also be performed using a 2 piece penile implant. A 2 piece prosthesis is similar to three piece penile implant except that it lacks a fluid reservoir . This option is ideal for men who desire an inflatable prosthesis but want increased ease of use. The 2 piece penile implant inflates by pumping the bulb placed in the scrotum which results in inflation of the two penile cylinders surgically placed in the penile erectile bodies. To deflate the prosthesis, the user simply bends the penis resulting in decompression of the erectile cylinders and demtumescence. Although the 2 piece penile prosthesis has increased ease of use for its user, it has a less natural appearing flaccid state that the 3 piece prosthesis because it is not able to shunt all of the fluid in the erectile cylinders into a reservoir.

Penile prosthesis surgery using a malleable or semi-rigid implant is another option. The malleable penile implant is the simplest and least expensive penile implant on the market. It simply consists of two semi-rigid pliable rods surgically implanted inside the penis into each of the erectile bodies. The result of placement of a malleable or semi-rigid implant is a permanent erection that can be repositioned because of the malleable nature of the rods, however there is no flaccid state. The penis is extended outward for intercourse and bent downward for concealment. The advantages of the semirigid or malleable prosthesis are increased ease of use and no mechanical parts that can potentially fail. The disadvantages of the semi-rigid or malleable implant are that the implant remains erect at all times resulting in difficulty with concealment.

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